Legislative Authority

Legislation establishing the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

Article: Education
Title: 13
Subsection: 103

  1. Established. - There is a Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute in the University of Maryland.
  2. Director.
    1. The head of the Institute is the Director.
    2. The Director:
      1. Shall report directly to the President of the University of Maryland at College Park; and
      2. May adopt rules and regulations necessary to carry out this section.
  3. Duties of Institute. - The Institute shall:
    1. Provide classroom education and training for career and volunteer fire and rescue personnel, both at the Institute and throughout this State;
    2. Cooperate with other agencies that provide training for fire and rescue personnel;
    3. Train instructors;
    4. Prepare or adopt materials for training fire and rescue personnel;
    5. Develop new fire and rescue training techniques;
    6. Develop and implement specialized courses in fire fighting, including industrial fire fighting;
    7. Maintain statistics and records on fire and rescue education, training, and related matters;
    8. Develop programs to inform the public about the tasks performed by fire and rescue personnel;
    9. Establish guidelines for instructional material to school systems in the State concerning fire and rescue education;
    10. Provide disaster training for fire and rescue personnel; and
    11. Cooperate with the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems to provide basic training for rescue personnel and emergency medical technicians.