Advanced Life Support Skills for Instructors

Instructional Hours: 12.00

Course Objective: To ensure that ALS instructor candidates have the didactic, practical, and pedagogical knowledge in order to successfully perform their duties as a ALS instructor for MFRI. Course Description: This course facilitated by the ALS Coordinator, MFRI Medical Director, and senior ALS instructors evaluates ALS instructor candidates didactic, practical, and pedagogical knowledge related to their ability to teach ALS students. The course includes demonstration of small-group facilitation methods of ALS courses taught by MFRI. Students will be evaluated on their ability to teach two, random ALS skills (unannounced before the class) as well as present a lecture-based lesson on an ALS topic of their choice. Methods of instruction include lecture, discussion, hands-on skill demonstrations, and team-focused practical exercises. Successful Completion: Students must attend all class sessions and demonstrate proficiency in the both the teaching of random ALS skills and the presentation of a lecture-based lesson as evaluated by the ALS Coordinator, MFRI Medical Director, and senior ALS instructors. Attending the course does NOT automatically equate to being offered a position to teach ALS for MFRI. Continuing Education: This course is not eligible for continuing education credit.


Students must be a current, licensed Maryland advanced life support clinician who has completed MFRI Instructor I and Instructor II. Preference is given to students who already are EMS instructors for MFRI.

Before registering for this course, candidates must email the ALS Coordinator ( with a copy of their MFRI transcript and a resume. Once approval has been given from the ALS Coordinator, the candidate may register for this course.

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